Juniper Networks Academic Alliance (JNAA)
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Juniper Networks Resources outside of JNAA

If you are not a match to the Juniper Networks Academic Alliance program, there are still other ways to cooperate with Juniper, or learn to work with our products.

1. JNAEP program: The Juniper Networks Authorised Education Partner program is aimed to enable training institutes to teach our official course content commercially to industry professionals.

2. Juniper Learning Bytes: The learning bytes are a collection of courses and short video's that explain a certain topic of Juniper technology. They are a great source of free training.

3. Juniper Networking Fundamentals: The Networking Fundamentals course is free for all and an excellent entry point into the world of networking. Just create a free account on our learning portal and you can follow this on-line course.

4. JUNOS Genius App: The JUNOS Genius app gives you access to test exams for Juniper certifications, and a lot more!

5. Juniper Networks trial software: Juniper Networks makes available free trial software for everyone to play around with. The virtual firewall, router and switch are key components in your virtual Juniper lab, and don't forget about our open source SDN cloud controller!

6. Openlab: The Juniper Openlab initiative is aimed at inspiring innovation using Juniper technology. Have a look and see if it able to support your idea's.

7. Juniper SDN Throwdown: The Juniper Networks SDN Throwdowns are competition events for groups of students. Great prizes to be won! Including recruitment into Juniper or our co-hosting partners and customers.